Caravan Hire Star Rating

This is a white paper for discussion

Caravan Hire Rating System

Its long over due a clear star system to help hirers when comparing quality and price of hire.

No caravan is the same there are major differences just with the same manufacture and model. The age of the van is the key compare a eight year old with a nearly new say a 4 year old. For the hirer it could be the difference between central heating and just a gas fire in the reception and no heaters in the bedrooms and a electric storage heater in the toilet and shower room. Older van can have poor heating systems especially with single  glazed windows. In the summer months this may not be a problem but in the evenings can be a problem where temperatures plummet.  With modern up to date heating you can set the heating on low just to keep the cold at bay and for full control.

Caravan owners  should be able to assess their own caravans after all the purpose of the rating system is to help hirers make an informed choice. Who wants to be over charge for quality that is not there.

Other factors to consider are:

  1. specs of caravan high end, standard to basic
  2. old vans may have been upgraded with high specs and features

New or nearly new should be 5 stars

prices will command premium rates


After 5 year old it drops to 4 stars

prices are standardised

however the condition needs to be like new if quality is not to standard drops to 3 stars

After 10 years only 3 stars prices should be below the standard rate

however if the quality is tired and requires up dating drops to 2 stars

prices will be below standard rates

all caravans over 10 years old without boiler central heating, double glazed, or ramp access should be 1 star prices should be below standard rates

A five star rating system is proposed maybe administered by caravan resorts to address poor quality and over priced private hire and resorts who hire their holiday homes.

1 Star = economy no thrills tired but clean

2 Star = basic and clean

3 Star = good quality,comfort and personal

4 Star = superior standard quality

5 Star = luxury and flawless less than four years  to new. Also standard of spec

Price levels should match or reflect quality and features